Devouring the Turkey

I am blessed to do many things in this world. I can travel around the world, and play any sport I want. I’m thankful that I can eat foods and never need to starve. I’m thankful that my dad has an amazing job and gets enough money so I can try many things and have a beautiful home. I’m thankful to live in a democracy and a free world. I’m thankful to be safe.  I’m thankful to do many things, I have an XBOX and a TV, a lot of people don’t have any of these things, I’m thankful I have these and many more.

I’m thankful for sports, the greatest thing ever invented. The one man out of any sport that I’m thankful to have was James Naismith, the man who created the best sport ever, basketball. I’m thankful that I can watch sports all the time and play them. I love all of the gut turning events that you can’t stop watching for a second. Like the best game, the best word in sports, game 7. In all sports with a best of whatever series the major championship, is played in a best of 7 series. Baseball, basketball, and hockey are the sports with the best game, game 7. In all three of these sports I’ve see crazy game sevens. I love Chicago sports, I will never forget the 2014 Stanley Cup, when the Blackhawks won their third Stanley Cup of the decade, I was at home and I couldn’t even sit down even though they blew out the Lightning I’m always tense.

When the Cubs won the World Series, I was super tense even though they were up 5-1. I was always tense. I felt something was coming, when Rajai Davis hit that two-run home run I was dead. Momentum with the Indians I knew the Cubs would lose. Until the rain delay that gave time for the Cubs to regroup. Then Ben Zobrist hit the RBI that put the Cubs in the lead. Then with two outs and one man on second, Jose Ramirez hit the ball and Kris Bryant picked up and made a marvelous throw to Anthony Rizzo for the final out and the Cubs were World Series champions! The game lasted around four hours and 30 minutes and the game ended at around 11:50 PM. I had to watch the celebration and needed to see Ben Zobrist hold his second World Series MVP. I didn’t go to sleep until around 2:30 AM — it was the greatest moments in sports history– and the longest drought ended. I’m thankful for these moments, I’m thankful I got to witness them.

I’m thankful for basketball, I can go on and on how I love basketball. I’m thankful for James Naismith, the man who created basketball, without him I don’t know how my life I can comprehend. Imagine a life without basketball, I can’t even imagine my life? I’m thankful for Michael Jordan, because he put some respect on the Chicago Bulls, the best team in the NBA at that time. I’m thankful for Jimmy Butler, my favorite player, and how he plays tough every night and plays for the win. I’m thankful for Russell Westbrook that he stayed with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and puts in everything every night and acts like every game is his last. I’m thankful that I get to watch basketball every night.

I’m thankful for everything, everything that I have. I just hope one day all of the world will unite, after this election the country split, I hope we can unite. I’m thankful to able to work as anything I want. I just hope that one day we can live in peace, without war, I hope we can all be safe, live in a utopia. I think we’re far from it, but I think we can achieve it. I’m thankful that I can be any religion in this country, I’m thankful for many things. Everything that I have in this life, I’m thankful for.



This is a picture of Russell Westbrook.

James (Joe) Naismith

How the Cubs won the 2016 World Series

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  1. Hi Moody,
    A great post. I’m afraid I am not very thankful for sports unless it is watching them on TV.

    I am sorry but something in your settings doesn’t allow the post to be flipped to our magazine. You might need to have your teacher check that on the class blog the settings allow search engines.


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